» Rare Historic Photos
23/11/13 07:53 from Webluke.net

» July 2013 Update
16/07/13 17:32 from Webluke.net
It’s been more than a It’s been more than a few months since I posted anything on this site! I was working on a post every day and that sounded good, but wasn’t working out how I liked and when I started my classes I ju...

» Happy New Year 2013
01/01/13 09:06 from Webluke.net
Just wanted to post a Just wanted to post a Happy New Year message for 2013, and put out some goals for my websites. This year I have had amazing amounts of traffic to my Handbreake setup guide with almost 600 views in one day to the sit...

» 6th Healthiest Isn’t That Good
13/12/12 10:20 from Webluke.net
So I saw this “News” So I saw this “News” item in Google News today and just thought I would point out a few things. First off the title stating that Connecticut is 6th healthiest state in the nation , OK thatR...

» Reflecting on the Past few months of Tek4.me
10/12/12 10:04 from Webluke.net
A few months ago I

» Tek4.ME My New Technology Blog
12/08/12 19:30 from Webluke.net
A few weeks ago I

» Google IO 2012 Live!
27/06/12 14:52 from Webluke.net
Check out the Google IO

» Carbonite Pop Up Ad WTH
26/06/12 00:02 from Webluke.net
What the heck Carbonite! When

» Steam Deal Warning
21/02/12 15:31 from Webluke.net
I was checking out what

» Full Screen Borderless Half-Life 2 Steam Games
30/01/12 15:15 from Webluke.net
If you are like me

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